Our Story

From A Humble Beginning to Being Voted Best Wings in Atlanta. We Have Come A Long Way!

It all started back in our college days at the Atlanta University Center (a.k.a. AUC) which consisted of Morris Brown, Clark, Spelman, and Morehouse. The AUC shared a small grocery store located across the street from our library. The market was called, “Stegall Grocery” but we called it, “Stegall’s”! It was owned by John Stegall. Mr. Stegall had a small kitchen carved out in the rear of the store that he served food out of. The menu selection was small and very reasonable. Our belief is, this was due to most of his customers being students.

The most popular menu item was Wings on Wheat. It included a few wings and wheat bread. This item allowed students to share the snack if they couldn’t afford it individually. Mr. Stegall was passionate about feeding the community.

That is why today we have decided to start a franchise restaurant patterned after the same values. Making sure the community gets fed at affordable prices. So, with that being said, we introduce to some and present to others… Wings On Wheat

Our Mission

Here at Wings on Wheat, we pride ourselves in customer service, and great tasting food. Did you know we make our own wing sauces? Did you know we have a 50-year old fish recipe? We want our customers experience to be a great one! From our daily hand-folded boxes to our personally made sauce cups made large enough to inject our delicious flavored wings into. Our food is prepared fresh to order which can sometimes result in wait time. We are not a fast food establishment! As the old saying goes – “Good things come to those that wait!”


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