Fire and more fire meaning delicious, tender, flavorful and fresh and hot everytime I have made a trip for fulfill my hunger. My first trip I bought 20 piece second was a 50 piece. That’s how fire they are! Top 5 🏆 wings in GA!.

- Kwonye

If want awesome wings and fries. This is the place to go for a family, get-together, or personal size. Good price and don’t forget homemade tea and peaches drinks. Good service!

- Mac Gadget

First time trying their wings, they were delicious! Very good fried corn, I will definitely go again! Mask required, social distancing. A happy customer!

- Cynthia Davis

They have some of the best wings I’ve ever tasted. But the price is THE BEST ever hands down. I always get the 20 wing and wow fries, and is only $10 plus tax. To bad I don’t live on that side of town. But anytime I’m even remotely near the area I always drop in.

- Dexter Clements

We went because this was the number one place for wings in Atlanta on TripAdvisor. The service is excellent, the staff is very friendly and helpful they have over 30 different types of wings. Be adventuresome and order some Peach Crack and a dirty bag! The prices are extraordinary, if I lived in Atlanta I would eat there every week and next time I’m in Atlanta I will return ~

- Venita Johnson

I had a gathering on Saturday and needed some good grub as we celebrated my brother’s birthday. So I reached out to my sister/friend Yowanna to inquire about a large short notice order for wings. My experience was nothing short of amazing. The presentation of my order was outstanding, the various flavors were deliciously amazing and the professionalism and great customer service I received as I picked up my order was a representation of excellent training! Thank you Wings on Wheat for making my experience great! It was a real pleasure in supporting this Black owned and operated business!💕

- Carla Finley

Amazing food and great customer service. I am currently addicted to their hot garlic parm tenders. The tenders are HUGE and fall apart in pieces. It is perfect! Oh and of course their Peach Krack hit the spot!

- Kayla Webb

OMG!! The wings are Everything! You definitely have to top off your meal with the Peach Krack. You can’t just order a cup, go ahead and get a couple half gallons! They stay busy, but you receive your order fresh and in a timely manner. If you’re in Jonesboro, go check them out!

- Mary Jane

Wings & fries were very good. First visit & surely not the last. We ordered lemon pepper & hot honey. I heard of this place a while back, but forgot about. Came across it while in the area & decided to try. Glad I did!

- B Relentless

We ordered 100 wings from here tonight for the first time.
20 Honey BBQ, delicious. My kids loved them.
40 lemon pepper, absolutely wonderful. Crunchy and tangy. 40 wasn’t enough. I should have ordered more.
40 hot, burned my mouth. They definitely need ranch with them so I’m very satisfied.

Great wings! GREAT price. Cheapest price I found in our area.

Absolutely will order again.
Thanks for the great wings guys !⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


- Morgen Story

Great place. The food is amazing and you get it at a reasonable price. Cashiers are always happy and serves you with no attitudes. Oh, and their peach crack.. amazeballs. I just love going to this place. Especially, after school.


- Niamyah Brown

These are the best wings in Jonesboro!!! Not to mention they also is having a free toy giveaway and they put the biggest smile on my children faces… I can’t thank you guys enough.. Its been rough this year for me and I’m again forever thankful… God bless you and your family?! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


- K F

Wings on Wheat never disappoints me! My favorite wing flavor is the honey lemon pepper. I always throw in a piece of Whiting and a Peach Krack. It’s black-owned and because of that, American Deli will never see a $$$ of my money!


- Daphne Collier

You get your money’s worth and the wings are cooked to order- very little wait time especially when you call ahead of time. The staff are courteous and helpful when you place your order- the Jonesboro, Georgia location is worth mentioning.


- Tonya Wiley-Glenn

The best wings in town! The flavor is always robust and consistent. Plus, the wings are always fresh, hot, and nicely sized. Our family eats here several times a week..


- Cocoa H

You get your money’s worth and the wings are cooked to order- very little wait time especially when you call ahead of time. The staff are courteous and helpful when you place your order- the Jonesboro, Georgia location is worth mentioning.


- Tonya Wiley-Glenn

The wings are tasty, with a lot of flavors to chose from. The pricing for the wings are very reasonable, for the amount of wing s one can get. The location of the beloved place, is within a gas station plaza. Not what I would have expected to have good tasting wings, to able to draw a crowd of people to the place, with friendly staff, and to be so clean within the inside of it. To all that is reading this review, do not just take my word for this wings spot. Go check it out for yourself, and you will windup liking this this place as though I do too!!!


- Robert Rice

Wings are one of the best I’ve even had. Consumer service is amazing. The place is clean and we’ll kept up. Prices are amazing with great $5 and $6 dollar fill up boxes. The place is overall a 5 star wings place. Swing by for yourself And you’ll see what I’m talking about, you will not regret it.


- Donnell Henry

Been here several times and their prices are unbelievable. They have the best and most flavorful wings i have had in a while, the chicken strips were pretty good but nothing was comparable to the fish in my opinion. You also cant go there and not try the Peach Krack drink, freshly made and it tastes like it. 5/5 stars for me.


- Egim Etta

I have to say the food is awesome!! The homemade ff were bangin! I ordered a 10 piece mild with lemon pepper sprinkles, the wings were small but were very tasty. I am a customer service critic and let’s just say the lady behind the counter was a total sweetheart, she was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. She greeted me with a huge warming smile. Thank you for the wonderful experience! Great food + great service = RARE. I will definitely be back!


- Lisa Williamson


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